Bus accident aggravates pre-existing condition; jury award
Settlement in excess of $10 million for 39 bus passengers on tour from England
Arbitration results in $2.8 million for toddler whose severe disabilities were caused by brain damage during delivery

Sponsors – Thai Square – London restaurant

Financial settlement in Dana Carvey medical malpractice case
$400,000 settlement for injured pitcher after insurance company secret videotaping backfires
Settlement of $1.5 million for parents of newborn with mild brain damage from negligent medical care during difficult birth
$950,000 settlement for clothing designer injured in taxi rollover accident
Martin Blake elected to American Board of Trial Advocates

$3 million settlement for husband of wrongful death case of pregnant wife
Novel legal procedure developed to resolve high-profile collapsed balcony case
New evidence code rule opens up expert cross examinations
“Ghost surgery” lawsuit breaks new legal ground

$1.4 million settlement for widow and children when video demonstration helps jury understand negligence of road construction company in failing to post signs warning of dangerous highway conditions
International videoconferencing allows injured English plaintiff to present live testimony in Orange County trial from his home in Dorchester
$12 million verdict in collapsed balcony case; $10 million recovered so far

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